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Vintage Rugs

Handmade Isparta rugs, that almost all Turkish households had in the 60s and 70s have today become sought-after vintage pieces thanks to their handmade aesthetic, beautiful colors, quality wool and myriad designs inspired by both Turkish and Persian rug traditions. 

We buy Isparta rugs from households in many towns across Turkey, bring them to our workshop in Sultanhani and sort through our precious stock to select the those that will be up-cycled and that will be kept as they are. 

We then proceed to work on our rugs. 

Rugs are put in dusting tumblers for 45 minutes to knock any dust or excess hair out of them. 

Our team then carefully examines the pile height of these rugs. Being vintage pieces, some of them may have shed some of their pile over time, leading to an uneven height. These rugs are sheared to create an even pile height. 

Rugs are deep-washed twice.