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Our Team

We have two workshops in Sultanhani and Güzelyurt, both small towns northeast of Konya, in Aksaray which was once an important stop on one of the main routes of the historical Silk Road. Sultanhani is famous for its magnificent Seljuk-era caravanserai and Güzelyurt is part of the Cappadocia region, a UNESCO heritage site known for its ancient churches carved into rocks, displaying some of the earliest christian iconography and of course the ‘fairy chimneys’. 

Both towns have a rich heritage of ancient rug-making tradition and the towns’ people are still engaged in it. It is a skill, an important aspect of a lifestyle, passed down to them through generations and still seen as an important source of income despite the existence of other blue and white collar jobs in the area. People here are born and raised in families whose roots go back to nomads who kept sheep that grazed in the seemingly endless plains surrounding this area, sheared their sheep’s wool and used it to make rugs for themselves and as gifts for their soon-to-married children. Most aspects of this practice still live on. Historically, some of the most prized and sought-after Turkish rugs come from this area. 

Our employees come from this community of craftspeople. And just like in the old days, our wool is still locally sourced, our looms are still where our weavers gather to weave and share friendships, our colored yarns are still left to saturate under the same scorching sun of central Anatolian plains.